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Best written application letters

January 23, I wanted to thank you for your website. I had never heard of him or of this book. Being a Christian, I was very interested.

I began to read it and was intrigued. I read it until very late last night and planned on reading more today. But I also noticed two website addresses on the back of the book. I looked at them today and saw it was their website, the Christian Biblical Church of God.

I contacted them and even thought I'd go to their church if one was close by! Then I decided to look up and see if there was anything written against this Fred R. That is when I found your website. I couldn't believe some of the stuff I read! Sounds like a cult to me.

Being that I am from a cult-type background since I was raised in the Jehovah's Witnesses, I guess my mind goes back to it easily.

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What seems to be truth and what "makes sense" is what I am attracted to. So, I was glad to have your website to read about their beliefs, doctrines and history. You just may have saved me from another many years stuck in a cult!

February 19, I am a former employee of House of White Birches, a major publishing company in Berne, Indiana owned by Dynamic Resource Group, which also owns several other major craft book trade companies.

I have done enough research on these institutions to realize that they were run by the Worldwide Church of God. Other employees include the DRG marketing director, Scott Moss, who is a deacon in the congregation, a DRG editor, Laura Dunn Scott, who serves as managing editor for the local church newspaper, and her husband, DRG book marketing manager Craig Scott, who serves as treasurer for the congregation.

All of these people are both high-ranking DRG employees and founding members of the Fort Wayne UCG congregation, and all of these people with the exception of the editor, whom I have not been able to determine attended Ambassador College, either in Big Sandy or in Pasadena.

Does this sound like a link to the Worldwide Church of God or not? DRG's owners are active, evangelical members of the Church of God and also own the church's "Youth" teen ministry publication.

Many of their employees have positions outside the company as writers and editors for Church of God newsletters. In these newsletters these employees' contact information gives their DRG work e-mail address.

Their website does not overtly admit any ties to a particular church, but does clearly state that an unspecified portion of their profits will go to churches which means their own, one would guess. I have been investigating this company for some time as I have become aware that it appears to be a front for generating money for this cult-like church.

When I worked there, I was not told of any affiliation with any church. Nor have I been told of this in my freelance dealings with them. I would like this company exposed as the church-generated money machine that it is.

This company has millions of unwitting subscribers across the country who give money to this company, without knowing they are really supporting a cult.

In addition, there are hundreds if not thousands of freelance designers in the past few years, who unknowingly supported this "church" by selling their designs to DRG publications.

I think this is a highly unethical arrangement, and I feel the masses who make up DRG's customers and artisans deserve to know the true nature of this company and its subordinate companies. There are legal and ethical basis for exposing this. It just seems underhanded and immoral to me, if not illegal, to run a massive business involving millions of customers and hardworking freelancers, without disclosing any of this religion-based orientation.

I have contacted others regarding this. Please pass my research on. February 27, I speak to several WCG members at present, but the spiritual blindness is truly amazing.

They acknowledge that they are being told lies, etc. I appreciate the work which you have done and I spread it far and wide amongst WCG, as is possible.Free sample cover letters for your job application and resume. Cover letters are important while applying for job.

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Best written application letters

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